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BOOM! Donald Trump Jr. calls for Whoopi Goldberg to LEAVE America Now

It would be incredible if people stuck to their word. The moronic Hollywood “stars” can’t even stick to their word.

We don’t live in a world where honesty is honored like it should be. It looks like the president and his administration are calling for celebrities to stick to their word. Donald Trump Junior has called for celebrities to honor their promise and leave this beautiful nation.

Of course, these celebrities aren’t going anywhere. They are closely related to the globalists and the corrupt politicians that are in the shadows in Washington DC. It’s not an impossible task. All they have to do is leave our nation like they said they would. The Schumer family supports leaving the US, but they haven’t left yet.

They survive with lies, corruption, cronyism, treason, and deception. Anywhere from local government to the mainstream media.

Well, the Trump family is calling these celebrities out. Making them eat their words, these celebrities aren’t going to leave. It’s too easy living in the greatest nation in the world. We have to force them out because they’re not going to do it themselves.

The only way we got to this point in our society is letting overly sensitive whiners become idolized and we put the heroes and hard workers on the back burner. Not to mention, Obama helped this awful reality along. He was the great divider.

We can’t even relax, watch TV or listen to the radio without hearing about how bad our country is, Trump is, and his supporters are. If Hillary had won, this would be even worse.

We’re all fighting the good fight. We don’t support lies and corruption. We support truth and making America the best possible version of itself that it can be. America is the greatest nation in history and we have to fight for it. Instead of fighting Nazis, we have to fight liberals in the government.

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