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Hamilton Actor Who Called Out Mike Pence Has History of Demeaning White Women On Twitter

Hamilton actor, Brandon Victor Dixon, has made headlines recently after he called out audience member and transitioning Vice President Mike Pence. You can read more about the incident here. 

Now we have these past tweets that were sent out by Brandon Victor Dixon that seem to paint a picture of resentment and suggestive actions to his twitter followers. Some of the suggestive actions state that white women can be taken advantage of on St. Patrick’s Day due to the holiday being known in some circles to involve a lot of alcohol consumption.

Brandon Victor Dixon, the actor in question, tweeted on St. Patrick’s Day about his particular kind of celebration on the holiday…

Sure, sure, you can look at this tweet and say it is innocent enough, but when I look at it, I see someone that is borderline, if not outright racist, and condoning black men literally hunting down drunk white women to take advantage of them.

Does it maybe undercut white women’s feelings of safety that this man is out prowling on their jovial holiday looking only to sleep with them?

The truth it, this tweet makes Dixon a huge hypocrite.

His exact criticism of Mike Pence was that he, and his fellow cast of Black actors, felt that Vice President-Elect Pence won’t keep them safe. We guess that only Black people’s feeling of safety matters to Dixon, not his white female friend’s feelings of safety.

The worst part is, at the end of the actor’s tweet he says “Happy holidays boys.” By saying this he implies that ALL men think of this holiday the way he does. He implies that all black men will be out on St. Patrick’s Day eyeballing women they can take advantage of. Perhaps instead of Happy Holidays he should have ended his tweet with Happy Hunting.

According to Milo, the actor has yet to respond to the sudden attention on this tweet. We hope that when he inevitably does, he decries any kind of sexual assault against women on St. Patrick’s Day. We also hope he learns that his tremendous talent for singing hasn’t extended into a tremendous talent for speaking!

For now, we stand with the Trump supporter, @123_trumpWins, who said to Dixon’s tweet, “Not all black men rape women who have had too much to drink.” It’s important to stand against messages that could be construed as violence against any American citizen. ANY.

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